Continental Moving Services offer auto shipping services to make it easy for our clients, we do it so you can take care of all your moving needs through one company. The auto transport companies we work with run their own routes all over the United States and have a solid track record; they are on-time every-time. They are fully licensed and insured; therefore, you can be assured your car will arrive safely to its destination.

Our Auto Services Include:

Open Auto Shipping

This is the most common type of car shipping method in the US. Generally, it is also the least expensive! This car shipping method is widely used for shipping vehicles like sedans and minivans. Many car manufacturers use the open auto shipping method simply to reduce costs. It is a safe and cost effective method. The transport trucks normally carry as many as 9-10 cars at a time and as few as 5 cars. The transport truck driver will load and unload vehicles while shipping cars across country. In addition, since we are able to fill these transport trucks to full capacity, it lowers the overall shipping costs.

Enclosed Auto Shipping

Many of our customers who use an enclosed transport truck ship luxury, exotic, specialty, or vintage cars. The cost of this shipping method is higher, but the risk factor is greatly reduced. By using this car shipping method, the vehicle will not be exposed to the elements. Shipping a car across country using enclosed car shipping is ideal if a person has a slightly higher budget. The car will normally be shipped along with a couple other vehicles. A special ramp or lift-gate is used to get the cars into the transport truck.  You can expect to have peace-of-mind when using the enclosed car shipping method.